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PureMVC Tutorial – Flex, PureMVC, Jabber and XIFF 3: Conclusion, Demo & Downloads

07.19.08 | 65 Comments

Part 1 – Frameworks
Part 2 – Directory structure
Part 3 – Application and ApplicationFacade
Part 4 – Notifications, Commands & Use Cases
Part 5 – Model & Proxy
Part 6 – The Application View & Mediator
Part 7 – The Login View & Mediator
Part 8 – The Roster View & Mediator
Part 9 – The Chat View & Mediator
Conclusion, Demo & Downloads

Here is a working demo of the application!

If you get a ‘Security Error’ when trying to connect, it means that the particular Jabber server you are connecting to hasn’t implemented its crossdomain.xml file correctly (many servers leave out the content-type which means that the latest versions of Flash Player will refuse to load it).  Anyway, this security policy is ignored when running from your local machine so even if you have trouble using it here it will work fine when you compile it yourself.

You can download the full source code for the project here.

If you spot any mistakes, want to have a lively discussion or just want to say how much you enjoyed this tutorial please feel free to leave comments on the appropriate page!

My thanks go out to Jive Software for XIFF, Cliff Hall for PureMVC and all Flashers everywhere :)



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